Clinical Statistics for Non-Statisticians: Everything you need to know – in a day

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In modern global pharmaceutical companies it is becoming increasingly important for non-statisticians to understand the value and application of statistics in order to maximise the value of the data. This course is designed for professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry with no or little previous knowledge of statistics.

The objective of the course is not to teach how to become a statistician, but to help to work with statisticians, ask them the right questions and get the maximum value when reviewing statistical output.

Introduction to Clinical Research

CTC Office Münchensteinerstrasse 41, Basel, Basel-Stadt

This course offers a perfect introduction to understanding the complex process of drug development and most relevant tasks and responsibilities within the clinical research setting.

It is designed for those new to or with little experience in clinical research, those in supporting roles and departments or those seeking an overview or needing basic training of the clinical research process, regulations, terminology, acronyms, roles and responsibilities within clinical research.

From Molecule to Medicine – An Introduction to Clinical Trials including ICH-GCP – 2 days in Q4 tbc

CTC Office Münchensteinerstrasse 41, Basel, Basel-Stadt

This interactive two-day course provides the perfect introduction to the different phases of drug development, clinical trials and complexity of these fields. The combination of trainer interaction, information sharing, exercises and quizzes guarantee a solid introductory understanding of the topic.

The course is designed for newcomers to the industry, clinical research personnel with up to 2 years experience, those returning to “the sharp edge” of Clinical Operations, scientists working in related areas.

How to Conduct Clinical Investigations with Medical Devices

Virtual Classroom remotely via digital platform

In the EU member states medical devices were regulated completely different to pharmaceuticals due to different histories, economic reasons and a distinct mode of action. With the new EU medical device regulation the need and requirements for clinical data increased significantly. Consequently, the regulations for conducting clinical trials with medical devices were completely updated. The objective of this training is the communication of current legal, ethical and administrative requirements as well as quality, scientific and practical aspects which are necessary for the conduct of clinical trials with medical devices. This training will support the trainees to increase the quality of your clinical studies in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

Virtual Classroom: Agile Leadership for Pharmaceutical Professionals in a virtual Environment

Virtual Classroom remotely via digital platform

This comprehensive course will introduce you to the core concepts of what makes an excellent leader in the pharmaceutical industry – and how to apply the different skills of leading your staff or team to maximise results. You will become competent and familiar in a range of well-recognised leadership techniques, which you will then go on to use on a daily basis when you return to the workplace, enabling you to perform at a higher level.

It is specifically designed for pharmaceutical and biopharma professionals, will be relevant for existing leaders/managers who wish to enhance leadership skills to a higher level, as well as those new to or aspiring to a leadership/management role.