Who will I report to?

As a permanent employee of CTC, you will report to CTC with respect to any administrative and employment matters. However, for all day-to-day operational and project-related matters, you will report to your manager or the designated person at the client where you will be contracted to.

Will I have paid holidays?

Yes. As you will have a normal CTC employment contract you will have 20 days paid holiday a year if you are under 50 and 25 days if you are under 20 or over 50. You will also have paid leave for all official bank holidays according to Swiss law. 

Will I be covered for sickness?

Yes, CTC provides income protection in the event of illness; this is detailed in our insurance contract. 

In Switzerland there is no national healthcare scheme: it is each individual's responsibility and legal obligation to subscribe to a private healthcare scheme (to cover hospital and medical expenses). 
We can provide you with the names and contact details of a number of healthcare insurance companies in Switzerland.

With whom will I have my employment contract?

For contract placements your employment contract will be with CTC, who in turn contract your services to the client.

For permanent placements, your employment contract will be directly with the client.