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Data Scientist

Our client is a pioneer in Drug Discovery and Development and one of the frontrunners in Personalised Healthcare. As the world`s largest R&D spender in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics domain, they work in a vast number of drug discovery & therapeutic areas and are highly recognized internationally. 

We are currently looking for a Data Scientist for a 12-month contract (with high possibility for extension) based in Basel, Switzerland.


Our client is developing and building a new business charged with creating an innovative portfolio of digital products that change the way patients are cared for by physicians and health care delivery systems. Their challenge is to bring together, integrate and analyze complex diagnostic, treatment, and outcomes data from medical devices, electronic patient records, as well as the data collected by their own software solutions. As part of the Data Science team, you will have the possibility to have a direct contribution to their portfolio of innovative clinical algorithms. You will apply your Data Science and skills and your domain expertise (oncology/cardiology/laboratory data/…) to develop high-quality code aiming to explore biomedical data sources as well as create the associated machine learning models able to support clinical decision making.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Develop predictive algorithms using real world clinical data (electronic medical records) to address clinical needs
  • Work within an intercontinental algorithm development team to distribute and complete tasks including algorithm ideation and inception, data processing, data exploration and model development in a validated cloud computing environment
  • Present weekly updates to the algorithm development team and monthly updates to clinical development collaborators
  • Build efficient and scalable algorithm pipeline that integrate seamlessly with existing software infrastructure
  • Implement data ingestion, transformation, and integration steps to ensure data quality and consistency
  • Create modular and reusable code components to accelerate algorithm development  
  • Implement rigorous testing procedures to validate the accuracy and reliability of algorithm outputs
  • Conduct thorough debugging and troubleshooting to identify and resolve issues within the algorithm pipeline
  • Document code, algorithms and pipeline architectures comprehensively to facilitate knowledge sharing
  • Collaborate with colleagues from other functions (e.g. clinical development, evidence generation, real world data, product development) to identify areas of unmet medical need

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Relevant working/residency permit or Swiss/EU-Citizenship required
  • Master’s or higher degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or related quantitative field including scientific computing, machine learning or data science, and preferably application of quantitative modeling in healthcare and medicine  
  • Min. 3 years experience in Data Science in a research environment, preferably in the healthcare or pharmaceutical sector
  • In-depth knowledge of machine learning algorithms, statistical methods and data processing techniques, in particular in the domain of real-world healthcare data
  • Strong proficiency in programming languages such as Python, R
  • Strong Communication skills in English for presentations and discussions with specialists and non- specialists, collaboration and teamwork, ability to see a research project through from inception to completion
  • Hands-on experience with data preprocessing, feature extraction, and model training using state of the art libraries (e.g., scikit-learn)
  • Experience with version control systems (e.g., Git) and continuous integration tools
  • Proficiency in building scalable software systems and designing modular architectures
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to analyze complex datasets
  • Google suite, Jira, Trello

Nice to Have:

  • Familiarity with containerization and orchestration tools
  • Previous work on algorithm pipelines in a production-ready environment
  • Previously contributed to open-source projects related to data science and software engineering

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