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We are headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. We place candidates from across Switzerland and EU/EEA into roles with our world-class clients in Switzerland and Germany.

Basel & NW Switzerland

The home of CTC headquarters. Basel is a lively city situated where the borders of Switzerland, France and Germany meet making it a melting pot of European culture Basel is a riverside city with amazing history, beautiful architecture and a bustling arts scene. 

Being a melting pot the city is host to a variety of languages, the local dialect is Baselsdytsch but most people in the city will also be able to speak in German, French and English as well! 

Basel is home to a thriving pharmaceutical industry which makes it a rather perfect choice for our headquarters. 

Zurich, Zug & NE Switzerland

Zurich is the largest of the Swiss cities and the capital of its canton. It's considered one of the best cities to live in due to its high living standard, it's amenities and attractions are evidence of this. 

Whilst in Zurich, make sure you try out the delicious Zürcher Geschnetzeltes!

In addition to the city itself, Zurich is a great entry point for those heading to the Swiss Alps, Zug and North East Switzerland.

Lucerne & Central Switzerland

A small way from Zurich is Lucerne and the centre of Switzerland which is predominantly the German-speaking portion. In size, it's smaller than it's northern counterparts but it makes up for that in spirit.

Lucerne is a popular tourist destination and has a number of memorable features such as its waterside position and it's many bridges. A large event (Fasnacht) is held in the city around the end of winter which is well worth a visit.

Swiss Romande

The Swiss Romande is differentiated by the language switch from German over to French. Most of the people in this western region live in the Lemanic Arc which is close to Lake Geneva, another popular destination for visits.

This area has a mix of rolling green hinterlands and lakeside towns and cities. You'll very rarely be stuck for something to do here. Geneva is the largest city and is the capital of this canton. 


From German, to French to Italian - there is nothing that Switzerland doesn't offer. Ticino is a canton that lies closes to the Italian border on the southern side of the country. Although Italian is dominant in this area it's still a bi-lingual area in which most people will also speak German.

This is a popular location for finding amazing Swiss wines as evidenced by the many vineyards in the area. Lugano is the main city in the region and has a beautiful climate which is perfect for visiting the lakes and the Alps.  


Germany is last but not least on our list of locations. We work with professionals in multiple cities across Germany due to the close links between Switzerland and Germany.

Located to the North, Switzerland sits on the Bavarian and Baden-Württemberg edge of Germany. These states include cities such as Stuttgart, Munich and Nuremburg. Great train links from Zurich make Germany just a hop, skip and jump away.

As you can see, we have a range of locations that might fit your family, lifestyle and culture, there is something in this part of the world for anyone. If you'd like to learn more about living in Switzerland then check out our pages on the subject in the navigation bar. Each of the areas of the country has it's own distinct feeling whilst still having a Swiss identity which is one of the many amazing parts of living here!

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